4ms Quad Clock Distributor Eurorack Module

4ms Quad Clock Distributor Eurorack Module

10HP x 26mm Eurorack 4-channel Clock Divider/Multiplier/Distributor (/32-x16) Module with Individual Clock In, Out (through), and Division/Multiplication Outs per Channel, Tap Master Clock, and Channel Resets


Product Description

Essential Timing Tool for Any Complex Rig

If you’re running a complex Eurorack synth rig, then you need this Quad Clock Distributor module from 4ms. This 4-way clock divider/multiplier lets you take pulse clock signal, alter the timing, and then send both the original clock and the divided or multiplied signal to a separate source. Whether you want to create poly rhythms, lock LFOs to a single clock, tie envelopes to a steady subdivided beat, or pull off all kinds of other timing tricks, the Quad Clock Distributor is a must-have tool for your Eurorack system.

Four clock divider/multipliers, endless possibilities

The 4ms Quad Clock Distributor packs four independent clock divider/multiplier channels into a single 10HP module, which can divide or multiply clock from /32 to x16, with equal timing in the middle. This provides you with a ton of utility. Each channel includes its own clock input, clock through, and clock divider/multiplier output, allowing you to take four separate clock sources and split them into the original clock and a multiplied or divided clock. When you daisy-chain them together, you can create a broad range of cool timing effects.

More than just clock divider/multipliers

Each of the Quad Clock Distributor’s channels is more than just a divider/multiplier, it’s a clock generator in its own right. What’s great about this is that while they can operate independently via their own clock inputs, you can sync all four generators to a single internal clock via the Tap button. With the master clock’s output and each channel output, you can easily distribute five sync’d clock pulses via a single Quad Clock Distributor. Imagine what you could do with two or more.

Super easy to put to work in your rig

When we got our hands on one, synth gurus at Sweetwater instantly found ways to create simple and effective rhythms from just a single LFO pulse by daisy-chaining each of the four channels together and sending various divisions to separate drum synths. But the possibilities are endless, particularly when you apply the Quad Clock Distributor to envelope generators, S&H generators, and other more complex synthesis modules.

4ms Quad Clock Distributor Eurorack Module Features:

An impressive amount of clocking power in a 10HP x 26mm Eurorack module

Includes 4 independent clocking channels, each with its own clock divider/multiplier

Each channel includes its own clock input, clock output (through), and clock division/multiplication output

Clock division/multiplication range for each channel runs from /32 to x16

Channels can also generate their own clock pulses sync’d to the master Tap controlled clock

Tap controlled master clock includes its own output for up to 5 total clock outs

Reset triggers for each channel clock let you offset the phase by restarting the pulse

LEDs for each channel and the master clock provide visual feedback for clock distribution

Clock pulses are +5V, and the module can run off the +5V or off the +12V via internal jumper settings

Tech Specs

Type:Clock Divider/Multiplier

Depth:1.0″ (26mm)

HP Size:10HP

Power Usage:±12V DC 88mA, ±5V DC 41mA

Power Supply:Requires Eurorack case and power supply


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